Economic Freedom Fighters National spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi never did pitch for his date  which puts his party firmly out of the running. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Realising that choosing a party to vote for was a bit like finding a life partner, Lali van Zuydam decided to go on a dating spree with representatives of the organisations that will contest the May 7 elections. This is her sixth and final report about her hunt for a political partner.

Pretoria - So the date I was most apprehensive about never happened. I don’t want to say I’m relieved, because I was looking forward to having a chat with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

I can say that I’m not surprised they stood me up.

After weeks of struggling to find an appropriate person to go on a date with, I finally thought I had found a worthy candidate in party spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

We chatted over SMS for a while, discussing when and where we would meet.

But when I sent a message to confirm a date and a time, I was met with silence.

To this day I am still waiting for a response.

Being stood up by a potential partner is not cool – but I am not so desperate that I will chase after someone who isn’t interested in me.

I felt ignored, unworthy and it definitely does not bode well if I want a future with this party.

All in all, I’m disappointed the date never took place but I cannot focus only on the negative. I had some great get- togethers over the past six weeks and, with the election just over a month away, it’s time to make my decision.

I’ve decided to take the EFF out of the running – that’s the price you pay for standing me up.

You might think I’m being spiteful but if we couldn’t even get up to a first date, I don’t know why I should consider tying myslef to them at all.

So here are the final contenders: the DA, AgangSA, Freedom Front Plus, the ANC and Cope.

I had good times with them all – but there can only be one “X” on my ballot on May 7 (no pressure, hey).

I’m not so sure I should divulge who I will be giving my vote to, but for the sake of transparency and showing young people the importance of voting, I’ll tell you who I am not voting for.

I can safely say the DA will not be getting my vote. I don’t like their negative campaigning approach and the recent DA-AgangSA kiss of death.

Also, I only met my ward councillor this week when she campaigned on my doorstep. Where was she before election season?

That brings me to AgangSA.

Technically they should also fall away because of the DA-AgangSA debacle – but something about an academic in charge appeals to me.

Probably because I am academically inclined.

Although I don’t know how successful an academic will be in politics.

Freedom Front Plus impressed me. I know, I know – people associate them with the pre-1994 ruling party, but I think they are more forward-thinking than we give them credit for.

They are not racist and they don’t want to see apartheid make a comeback.

They are definitely in the running.

Next, I have to consider the bad boy – the ANC. I really want to give them my vote. And before you crucify me, let me explain.

In my extensive dating of people in politics, I realised that most political parties have the same values and future dreams for the country.

The ANC got the raw end of the stick when they came to power, and I think they did pretty well over the past 20 years. I am a firm believer in giving credit where it’s due.

Apart from the odd corruption scandal and frivolous wasting of our money, there has been some solid progress.

The one thing (and this is a big thing) I cannot accept would be the Nkandla embarrassment of my prospective father-in-law.

I cannot look past it and this is why the people who call a swimming pool a fire pool probably won’t get my vote.


In principle I don’t have a problem with Cope. They seem solid enough and at one point they could have posed a real threat to the ANC.

I know my father, a former long-time member of the ANC, had hoped they would shake things up a bit. But I don’t think they’re very strong at the moment. I don’t see the change they want me to vote for. They don’t ignite passion in me and I want to feel both content and passionate about my election partner.

Deciding who to choose is probably the biggest decision I will have to make this year. It is a massive responsibility and it isn’t something to take lightly.

At least I’ve got some information from my dates – and over a month to make a decision – but I will still have to sleep on it…

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