Parents with children with cerebral palsy.

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FED-UP parents demand that Stanza Bopape Clinic in Mamelodi East release transport chairs for their children with cerebral palsy. 

Parents say travelling with their children is forever a mission as they do not have wheelchairs or transport chairs to make their traveling easy.

They alleged they had been promised the transport chairs for the past two years but to this day nothing has happened. 

"It is difficult to travel around with my daughter, I used to have one of the chairs that we refer to as a bakkie, but I was told by the occupational therapist at Stanza clinic the chair was going to make my child more disabled. 

"And because of that, I brought the chair to the clinic for an exchange a year ago but to this day I do not have a chair for my daughter," said one of the parents, Siphiwe Nkwana from Mamelodi West. 

Nkwana said since her daughter Nokwazi, 8, was still on a 5-year waiting list looking for space at school she has to carry her around everywhere and for the whole day. 

"Carrying a child with cerebral palsy is the most difficult thing to do because they cannot balance themselves like normal children do and that causes back pains among other physical pains," she said. 

She told the Pretoria News all she needed was the transport chair as it would make her life easier. 

Parents further alleged the transport chairs were available at the clinic and did not understand why they had not received any.