Take your photos off your device and into your life

Published Mar 24, 2020


Where are all your photos? - On your phone right? Do you get those messages from FaceBook that show you memories from years ago and think to yourself – wow I completely forgot about that? 

There are special everyday memories lying forgotten on your phone or on your social media feed that you never get to see and relive. 

Life is a collection of moments and we all have a story to tell, so start telling yours by printing your everyday experiences in a neat little photo book that you can share with family and friends who never see your photos. It’s fun, affordable and easy to do. 

My Lifestory photo books are also the ultimate gift idea - nothing beats reliving memories in a printed photo book for your coffee-table or book shelf. You can join the Collector’s Club and save R 1,200 with the monthly subscription deal.

It's like becoming the publisher of your own life where you tell your story in print, you could make a My Lifestory photo book of a family lunch, your baby’s best moments, a great holiday, your child’s birthday party or simply tell the story of your pet- it’s all good and worth sharing because it’s your life, your story which is unique and special. 

Instead of posting it on your social media feed soon to be replaced by the next post – print it and cherish is forever in a top quality My Lifestory photo book that will become conversation starters.

Off your device and into your life - Join our  FaceBook community for free photo book ideas and special offers. 

Why wait for that special occasion to make a photo book ? With My Lifestory you can now easily make an affordable top quality photo book from your phone in minutes. My Lifestory comes with a money-back quality guarantee and offers free door-to-door delivery nationwide. Simply install our free app My Lifestory and make a photo book from your phone in minutes!

Nothing beats print. The touch, the feel, the colours and reliving the moment everyday in your office or home is so much more enjoyable than a post on Face book that everyone forgets. Looking for that perfect gift ? It’s on your device – print it ! 

Want to know how to make your photos come alive,  check out this video of a My Lifestory photo book 

We have developed a world-class app  that is super user friendly, order directly from your phone, download it for free from  Google Play Store or the  Apple App store


My Lifestory printed by Q-Photo a second generation family business since 1984

We are all storytellers. Life is a collection of moments and we all want to share and relive ours which is what makes what we do at Q-Photo so special. We inspire people to print their memories and share them with family and friends. The technology of photography and printing continues to evolve at a rapid pace but the joy of holding a colour saturated print of your best moments is timeless.  Q-Photo has evolved from a retail shop chain into the biggest e-commerce brand for personalized printing in South Africa and as one of Pretoria’s oldest and most trusted brands so you be assured that we will look after your special photos.


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