Tshwane contravential smart meter box. File picture: ANA
Pretoria - The City of Tshwane has commenced with the disconnection and removal of the Peu electricity smart meters and will replace them with its own.

This follows last year’s Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, ruling which set aside the roll-out of smart meters administered by Peu Capital Partners.

The court found the contract between the City and Peu and its subsidiary by the then ANC-led administration was unlawful.

About 13000 smart meters for domestic, commercial and industrial clients had been installed by the time the roll-out was discontinued.

MMC for Utility Services Abel Tau said: “We are taking over the administration of the 13000 meters that were managed by Peu.

"The process started on Friday with the disconnection and removal of the Peu smart meters to replace them with our own meters."

Tau said the City had appointed a task team, constituted of employees from its departments of Utility Services and Finance, technicians and the service provider to oversee the project of disconnecting and removing the meters.

“In the next four months, this team will be replacing and reconnecting the City’s meters, collecting consumer data and transaction history of all the removed meters and further implementing the alternative metering system,” said Tau.

The City has allocated about R85 million for the smooth and successful takeover of the meters. “We are working with service providers as we endeavour to ensure that interruptions to the service, as a result of disconnection and removal of the Peu meters, are minimal." Staff Reporter

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