PICS: Ford Motor Company in Silverton to add 1200 new jobs from August

By James Mahlokwane Time of article published Jul 17, 2019

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Pretoria - Ford Motor Company Southern African in Silverton is set to add a third shift that will add 1200 new jobs from August. 

This announcement was made by managing director Neale Hill who bragged about the giant Silverton assembly plant based in the City of Tshwane. 

The plant is responsible for supplying cars across South Africa and 148 other countries across the globe by producing 520 cars daily. 

The new shift will ensure that a staggering 720 cars are produced since the company has been training hundreds of youths, including 104 skilled artisans and technicians.

Ford had done significantly well under tough economic conditions to get to a point whereby it created hundreds of jobs for youthful “first time workers” while other big companies struggled and let go of workers. 

Hill credited the success to a R11 billion investment the company made into its Silverton facilities since 2011. 

This ensured continued growth that increased production and distribution.

“The automobile industry contributes approximately 7% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and we as Ford are proud to contribute 1% of that figure. 

This is a big contribution to the country’s economy.

“The story of Ford in South Africa really goes back to 2011 when we made that investment and since then we’ve continued to create more and more jobs and opportunities for economic development, through our volume expansion.”

He said the volume expansion came from the Ford Ranger programme which made the plant one of two critical locations for the production of Ford Rangers in the world. The other big production is in Thailand.

“South Africa is a key market for production and export to Europe and that’s allowed us to grow our Ford Ranger volume by over 400% in the last decade. We’ve since been able to expand our facility and operation. We now have a capacity of a 168 000 vehicles per year. 

“As a key player in the South African economy we certainly look at our role very seriously in terms of providing opportunities for South Africa to grow as a whole. 

"We know that as a company we have a strong role to play, not in terms of providing great quality vehicles and services to our customers, but also about contributing back to the economy and creating jobs, and economic opportunities.

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