Lebogang Mosehla shopping for a school uniform with his father Peter at Mary’s Outfitters in Madiba Street. Bongani Shilubane African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Sitting in long queues for hours on end was the scene outside shops yesterday as parents did their last-minute shopping ahead of schools reopening today.

Parents in their numbers sat on a line of chairs starting at the door of popular Mary’s Outfitters in Madiba Street, ending up in the parking lot behind the shop.

There was a heavy demand for school items such as bags and uniforms.

Many parents said that although the lines were long, they were happy as it was moving and shop officials were keeping order by allowing a few shoppers in at a time.

Wendy Lushozi said she was buying the full uniform for her daughter who would be in Grade 2 this year.

Lushozi said they were unable to buy her daughter's supplies earlier on as they had been on holiday visiting family; they also wanted to change the school she had been attending previously.

“We wanted her to attend the same school as her older sibling hence the change. So thankfully they accepted her, and her older sister can be there for her now.

“There are queues to get into the shops everywhere for school items. We anticipated this so we’re just taking turns waiting in the lines and hope we’ll get everything in time.”

Sarah Twala said she was only getting the uniform and school supplies for her grandchild yesterday as she had only just been placed in a school.

Lebogang Mosehla, 6, shyly clung to his dad Peter and said he was not scared; he was excited to finally be going to school “like a big boy”.

His dad said they had been waiting to confirm which school he would be attending first. Goitsemang Tlhabye

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