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Pretoria - A prophet, his pigeons and a businessman all featured in an urgent application before the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, this week.

The prophet asked for an interdict to stop the businessman from defaming him on social media.

The parties are not named as the businessman has not yet had the chance to defend himself and the case did not go ahead.

Judge Annali Basson removed the matter from her urgent roll on the request of the prophet’s legal team as they could not manage to serve the papers on the businessman.

In his application, the prophet and his church asked the court to interdict the businessman from insulting, degrading or mentioning him or his church on Facebook or on any other online media platform.

He said in his affidavit that he is a spiritual leader and well-known at his church and other religious organisations. His church has more than three million members.

The prophet said he does not know the businessman and he cannot understand why he is badmouthing him (the prophet) of social media.

According to him the “Facebook rampage” started in October last year. “He insulted me directly and my church indirectly.”

The bulk of the insults are in Zulu, and the prophet said the gist of it was that he (the prophet) was a tsotsi, that he “used to smell” and that he partook in witchcraft.

The insults became even worse, it was said, in that the businessman accused the prophet of sexual abuse of some female congregants. The alleged insults did not stop there, as the prophet was also accused of “performing sexual acts on the pigeons” which the prophet owned.

His lawyer at some stage wrote a letter to the author of the messages and demanded that it had to stop, but to no avail.

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