Residents placed rocks on the Makinta Highway in Hebron.

CHILDREN are killed on the Makinta Highway in Hebron, north of Pretoria, by cars, which is why the residents of Hebron barricaded the roads with burning tyres and stones. They also sang struggle songs

“We are tired of our children being victims of hit and runs on this road. “This year 5 children fell victim toreckless driving as the road does not have speed bumps,” said a residents. 

They said they have pleaded with the local councillor to come up with a plan since 2014 and nothing has happened. Which is why today they decided to dig up the tar roads so that motorists will be cautious when driving. “We dug up the tar roads, we are sick and tired of burying our children,” said one of the angry protesters. 

The MMC of safety Marcus Machete told the Pretoria News that the protesters rejected him when he wanted to address them. “The protesters did not want me to address them and said they wanted the mayor to speak,” said Makhete.