Cars try to travel down a blocked Madiba Street. Picture: Val Boje

Pretoria - Groups of protesting municipal workers continued to march chanting up and down Madiba Street during the morning, ensuring no vehicles could enter the street. 

At the intersection of Paul Kruger Street where a green municipal bus was removed, another unmarked one was parked in its place. 

Stones were placed in the road and on the pavement where cars were trying to get around the obstacles. 

Outside the Clicks at the Hallmark Arcade a group of refuse workers gathered and store staff quickly rolled down the security door. 

Some smaller shops in the CBD had the "closed" sign up.

Stones place in Madiba Street. Picture: Val Boje

Tensions ran high as the Pretoria News tried to photograph the group, with angry protestors threatening to take away our cellphones. 

The team beat a hasty retreat via a car park as the protesting group moved on towards Tshwane House. 

South African Municipal Workers Union secretary Mpho Tladinyane said the City agreed to meet with them due to pressure exerted by the striking workers, who demanded an 18% salary hike across the board.

He said the union won't back down on the demand by workers and will continue with the protest.

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