A pupil will undergo a school’s internal disciplinary hearing on Wednesday Picture: Wikimedia Commons
THE ANC Youth League has changed its tune about taking to school the suspended pupil from Temba in Hammanskraal who was caught on camera boasting about sex.

The movement had threatened to defy the girl’s suspension by taking her to school this morning.

However, its leader, Ward 49 leader Fortune Mathabathe, said the stance changed after the branch sought clarity from school management about the matter.

“We were told that the girl was not suspended for five years, but was requested to go home for a cooling-off period,” he said.

According to him, the implicated pupil would undergo a school’s internal disciplinary hearing on Wednesday. “We are not going to interfere with the internal school processes at this stage. We are going to allow the process to continue.

“However, whenever we believe that that process seems to oppress her we will act through mass mobilisation and even through our court system,” he said.

Mathabathe said they met the girl, affected parties and established that she needed professional counselling, which was organised for her.

However, he said they were against any form of punishment against the girl. He said she was merely expressing her feelings about the sex education she was taught at school.

“There is sex education that is being taught at school. The department is also handing our condoms at school. How is it wrong when a child expresses her feeling about that?”

The Grade 10 pupil was suspended for five days after a video clip showing her boasting about sex went viral on social media.

The 16-year-old was captured on a video inside a classroom while she excitedly shamed “virgins” and told them they were missing out on sexual pleasure. Speaking in Sepitori, she exclaimed: “Sex is pleasurable. Someone who is still a virgin nowadays is wasting her time. She is missing out on the sexual pleasure.”

Education Department spokesperson Steve Mabona confirmed that the pupil was suspended.

He said the suspension was effected after the video surfaced on social media last week.

“She was found guilty of transgression of a school code of conduct, public indecency and utilisation of foul language. Subsequently, she was suspended for five days,” Mabona said.

In the video clip the girl is seen seated on a desk inside a noisy classroom as she uses explicit sex language.

She also compared a male genital to a “bazooka”, excitedly demonstrating with one of her hands that penetration gives women sexual pleasure.

Mabona said the school governing body investigated the incident “and summoned the pupils to appear at a disciplinary process; this was necessitated by a video clip which went viral on social media”.

Mabona said: “It is important to inform pupils that any form of misconduct will not be tolerated at our schools.”

He appealed to parents to co-operate with the department to instil discipline in their children. “Utilisation of a cellphone in the classroom, especially during contact time, is prohibited and, as such, pupils should be mindful of what they record on their phones,” he said.

He said the suspension of a pupil should “be a deterrent to all learners who might want to engage in such embarrassing actions not to even think about doing same”.

“It is important to put a perspective on health programmes promoted at schools, which, among others, is to enlighten pupils on how to delay participating in sexual activities and to be careful of ailments associated with such activities. We always encourage learners to focus on their books rather than sexual activities,” he said.