THE Right2Know Campaign protest at the Zimbabwe embassy. Picture: Matlhatsi Dibakwane

"One activist's death too many, Back off army we have a right to protest and Hands off our internet" were among the posters carried by the Right2Know picketers in front of the Zimbabwean embassy. 

THE Right2Know Campaign demanded that the Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government immediately stop their attacks on the Zimbabwean people.

Campaign organiser Thami Nkosi said the people of Zimbabwe like anybody else have the right to protest. 

He said they were simply exercising their right to protest against escalating political and economic repression.

"The atrocities happening in Zimbabwe have drawn our attention as a civil society organisation and we cannot just sit and fold our arms seeing the amount of repression under the hands of the army and local police," Nkosi said. 

The Right2Know campaign further demanded that Mnangagwa and his government also immediately end the shutdown of the internet. 

They also called on the South African government to take a firm stand against the attacks, killings and internet shutdown and act in support of the Zimbabwean people and to place maximum political pressure on Mnangagwa and his government.

"We are appalled by the silence from our own government these are our neighbours so we think there are some pressures we should put on Zimbabwe," Nkosi said.