A refuse removal truck next to uncollected waste.
A refuse removal truck next to uncollected waste.

Rubbish removal: city explains delays

By SAKHILE NDLAZI Time of article published Nov 1, 2018

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IF your bins have not been emptied and are causing a stench in this heat , you might, unfortunately, have to bear the inconvenience a little longer.

This is because there was a temporary discontinuation of waste collection and disposal services in some parts of Tshwane.

The services were interrupted from Monday by people who were restricting the collection, removal, transportation and disposal of waste, the city said.

These people insist that the metropolitan municipality should contract their associates, who will in turn contract them for waste management services.

“Of deep concern to the municipality is that these persons have extended their aggressive behaviour and went beyond waste-related services, and are now threatening the lives of the municipality employees,” said mayoral committee member for environmental management, Michael Mkhari.

His sentiments came after an incident that occurred on Sunday, where eight men, armed with guns, invaded the home of an official and threatened her in front of her family and neighbours.

Mkhari said these people have recently threatened to burn the trucks belonging to some of the service providers if they found them rendering any waste management service to the city.

Mkhari said no forum or company would be awarded a contract outside the city’s normal tendering process as that would be tantamount to favouritism, maladministration and corruption. Sakhile Ndlazi

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