KABELO TLADINYANE, Kennedy Nemashongwe and Prince Caba were arrested after a protest outside the Tshwane Events Centre, where Shepherd Bushiri’s church meets. Rudzani Matshili
Pretoria - South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) has denounced a man who apologised for participating in protests outside Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering church last month.

Prince Caba and two others had been arrested on charges of public violence and violation of the Road Traffic Act at the time of the protest, after a stampede that claimed three lives.

They appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court and were granted R500 bail each. The trio were arrested as they left a tavern in Pretoria West after a weekend of protests.

During the appearance, Caba appeared to be badly injured, with swollen lips and blood on his clothes. They are due back in court next week.

On Sunday, Caba reportedly visited Bushiri’s church and confessed to being party to the protests. He subsequently apologised.

In this regard, Sanco yesterday distanced itself from the apology, saying the only person who owed the country an apology was Bushiri.

Regional chairperson Abram Mashishi said: “We have noted with concern the apology from one of the people who was in the protest against the death of three women at the Enlightened Christian Gathers church.

“We have been reliably informed that one of the protesters has gone to offer apologies to Bushiri for being a part of the protests.”

Sanco previously said the three were members of the organisation, but yesterday said Caba was not on its books.

“We wish to clarify a few points in this regard. The aforementioned member of the public went to apologise to Bushiri in his personal capacity and not as any leader of society, organisation or formation. Because we live in a democratic society, his actions are noted, but they do not form the opinion of Sanco as an organisation,” Mashishi said.

He added that they had not offered an apology to anyone at the church.

According to the church, Caba confessed to burning tyres outside the church gate for three days. However, he realised he had wronged “a man of God” after the trouble in his life, and thought of asking for forgiveness in the hope of improving his fortunes.

The church quoted him as saying: “I have come forward to seek forgiveness for being part of the protesters who protested against Major 1.

“In the fire of the protest, I was shot in the mouth by the police for talking too much. I was arrested, and since then my life has been in a mess.”

In a Facebook post on Monday, Bushiri encouraged his followers to forgive Caba.

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