07.08.2012. The happy couple, Rui and Monique Moca, who got married on live radio JacarandaFM studio yesterday pose for a picture . The wedding was organised within the three-hour duration of Bester's show. Picture: Sizwe Ndingane


NOT only did Gauteng have snow yesterday it also had the first Jacaranda FM Snow Wedding.

Monique Joubert and Rui Moca have been together for 10 years.

They saw snow falling in Joburg for the first time about five years ago and promised each other that the next time it snowed, they would get married. And so they did.

When Lurika Joubert, Monique’s sister, saw the snow yesterday she decided the day had arrived for a white wedding.

She e-mailed Martin Bester and the Drive Show team and asked for an on-air wedding. The ceremony was planned in three hours – the duration of Bester’s show.

“I really did not think this would happen so quickly. Once I sent the e-mail, we were overwhelmed by the reaction from the studio and people calling in. Everyone wanted a part in this,” Joubert said.

Bester said: “I have never, ever done anything like this in the duration of one show.

“It’s a beautiful ending to a cold and snowy day.”

The groom, often in tears, said he was amazed at how quickly the wedding was put together.

“I am completely overwhelmed. I was in meetings the whole day so I did not even see the snow. I got a call from Monique saying it was snowing and we need to get married immediately,” he said.

The ceremony took place in the Jacaranda FM studio, with all the elements of a traditional wedding.

There was a wedding planner, a wedding cake, a red carpet, a wedding dress and even a priest.

“I have never done anything like this and I have been in the industry for 25 years,” said Willie van Zyl, the wedding planner who put the ceremony together.

The bride walked down the “aisle” the traditional way, in a white dress and as the Wedding March was played.

She was accompanied by her parents, Louis and Monica Joubert. Friends and relatives crowded the studio amid on-air cheers.

Even Joubert’s grandparents, Ian and Nannette MacGregor, entered the crowded studio to see their granddaughter tie the knot.

“I cannot imagine my life without her. We have been engaged for two years and I cannot wait to spend my life with her,” Moca said.

His parents could not attend the event as they live in Portugal. “My parents have tuned in… I really wish they could have been here.”

Once the ceremony was completed and rings exchanged, Joubert proudly pronounced herself, live on radio, “Monique Moca, the happiest woman alive right now”.

The couple were treated to a reception at Melrose Arch and a honeymoon suite at the Palazzo at Monte Casino.

They received new cellphones and their bedroom is to be remodelled as a wedding gift.