All three levels of government must stop pointing fingers over service delivery backlogs and start delivering, United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa says.

It was unjust that poor people were expected to be patient when there was no coherent national and provincial plan to deal with their plight, he said yesterday.

Budget allocations at provincial and local government were simply not enough.

“Historically disadvantaged communities continue to receive just a tiny fraction of budget allocations, even though they have the highest service delivery and infrastructure development backlogs,” he said.

Holomisa called on cabinet members to intervene in backlogs.

“It is mischievous for it [the cabinet] to shift blame to the lower spheres of government, when national competences are required to address some of the service delivery backlogs.”

Some people had legitimate reasons for protesting, but they should do so in a manner that respected the law and other citizens, Holomisa said. – Sapa