An intersection bordering Magnolia Park in Muckleneuk where another homeless man was found stabbed to death. Picture: Goitsemang Tlhabye

Pretoria - While police do not suspect a serial killer on the loose in Muckleneuk - their eyes and ears are on the ground following the discovery of the body of a third homeless person.

Sunnyside police have launched a manhunt, including forensic experts, informers and intelligence networks following the discovery of the body of a man at Muckelneuck's Magnolia Park on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said the recent discovery was the second at Magnolia Park in recent days.

Mavimbela said the first dead body of a homeless man was found at a veld near Mears Park train station, also in Muckleneuk, two weeks prior.

The deceased was also reported to have suffered blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds to the upper body.

“The motive behind the killings and the identities of the deceased remain a subject of investigations,” Mavimbela said.

Adding that the police did not want to pre-empt the ongoing investigations by alleging there was a serial killer on the loose in the area.

David Brewer, Owner of Huckleberry’s restaurant located at Magnolia Park, said the bodies were not found at the park, but on the northern side of land across the park.

Brewer said, however, safety in the area had been of great concern, which had been raised with the police and the municipality for some time.

“We have many people running to the restaurant for help after they have been mugged or robbed walking around after dark. There is only 1 working light and our light for the whole park.”

“We try to help where we can but also don’t want to risk our manager's lives. And by the time our security personnel attends to it the people are usually long gone,” Brewer added.

He said repeated attempts to get the municipality to install more lights had been ignored for years.

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