Tshwane mayor Stevens Mokgalapa and MMC for Transport Sheila Senkubuge.   Bongani Shilubane African News Agency (ANA)
Tshwane mayor Stevens Mokgalapa and MMC for Transport Sheila Senkubuge. Bongani Shilubane African News Agency (ANA)

Tshwane ANC says Mokgalapa should 'fall on his sword' over sex tape

By Rapula Moatshe Time of article published Nov 26, 2019

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Pretoria - The ANC in Tshwane was on Monday still undecided about unseating Executive Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa by tabling a vote of no-confidence during Thursday’s council sitting.

This is despite the party’s relentless calls for the mayor to “fall on his sword” following allegations that he had had sex with his Roads and Transport MMC Sheila Lynn Senkubuge inside the municipal office during working hours.

The duo have since laid charges of illegal and unauthorised recording, extortion and defamation at the Brooklyn Police Station.

Mokgalapa said the recording was intended to extort him into reinstating four officials on suspension for violations of the Municipal Finance Management Act and other legislation governing the conduct of officials of the municipality.

But ANC regional chairperson Dr Kgosi Maepa said Mokgalapa lied by saying the recording was tampered with.

The mayor on Sunday said the audio part, which appeared to sound as if he was engaging in sexual intercourse with Senkubuge, was somewhat doctored.

Maepa said the ANC had consulted with audio experts about the authenticity of the recording and they had attested that no one had meddled with its original content. He called on the mayor “to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword”, saying the DA must replace him immediately if he wouldn’t voluntarily resign.

Maepa was, however, non-committal about whether the ANC would oust Mokgalapa through a motion of no-confidence. “If people want to submit a motion of no-confidence then their party must do it. It will depend on the tactics of the ANC at the moment whether it is good for us to vote for that motion. We suspect we will vote with it, but people must go and put the motion,” he said.

The ANC was working on branches to prepare for the 2021 municipal polls. “Whatever other parties are involved in is none of our business.”

His utterance was made in light of a pledge by EFF leader Julius Malema to support the ANC with its votes should it table a motion against Mokgalapa.

However, he said anything could still happen between now and Thursday before 8am in terms of orchestrating a move to fire the mayor.

While he was unsure about the ANC’s stance on sacking Mokgalapa, he announced that during Thursday's council sitting “blue condoms” would be distributed to DA councillors.

Young Communist League district chairperson Lucky Ndala said: “Political parties in council should work together in the interests of the people of Tshwane and forego their ideological differences and agree to fire this delinquent of a mayor and his squeeze.

“Mokgalapa’s power drunkenness had reached dizzy heights and went to his head, hence in the clip he gloats to his squeeze, saying that he is Tshwane.”

DA leader in Gauteng John Moodey undertook to investigate the sex allegations, saying the party viewed the matter in serious light.

“The DA’s political leadership will meet the mayor. The Federal Legal Commission has been tasked to conduct an internal investigation into the matter,” he said. The party was committed to providing clean governance and would act appropriately in the light of such serious allegations.

In the 30-minute recording, Mokgalapa could be heard gossiping about a court victory against Maepa in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria.

In October, Maepa made a legal bid to reverse the City’s decision to pay millions to former city manager Dr Moeketsi Mosola as part of his contract settlement package.

Maepa said: “The mayor said he was there to gossip about the victory won against Maepa in court. So they were gossiping about the ANC because Maepa is not the ANC. We don’t know whether Maepa is the mayor’s libido booster before sexual intercourse.”

He hinted that there were more sex tapes still to be released to the public, according to information shared with the ANC.

He said the party denounced the “political head of the City” having sex during working hours and in the municipal offices. “We can’t have the DA having sex everywhere in public facilities. He must answer for that. We are not having sex escapades here we are working here,” Maepa said.

The ANC would use the codes of conduct of councillors to hold the mayor accountable for the alleged act, he said.

Both Mokgalapa and Senkubuge could be heard in the clip plotting the sacking of senior officials, including chief operating officer James Murphy. They were also derogatory towards MMC for Finance Mare-Lise Fourie as well as council speaker Katlego Mathebe.

They labelled Mathebe a “witch” and called former mayor and now DA leader in the provincial legislature Solly Msimanga a “big head”. The two also made disparaging remarks about Fourie being a problem.

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