AMAPIANO DJ and producer Kamogelo Phetla, known as Vigro Deep, 18, has his eyes set on conquering the world through his music. Oupa Mokoena African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Young amapiano DJ and producer Kamogelo Phetla has conquered Tshwane and is now eyeing bigger stages across the world.

Phetla, 18, who goes by the stage name of Vigro Deep, learnt to produce music in 2017.

The following year he amassed popularity as one of the leading producers of the amapiano house music sub-genre in the country.

The Atteridgeville-born star has been doing wonders, stunning music lovers by finding his own sound identity inspired by Tshwane, its people, and how they dance and have fun.

At the age of 17, he released his hit-loaded album titled Baby Boy, following up this year with Baby Boy 2 Reloaded. His latest album features hits like Untold Story and Bundle of Joy.

The teen DJ decided not to sign any record label, but to keep control of his sound and freedom because most of his fans were young people who consumed music through the internet and via his social media accounts.

“Another thing that makes me not want to sign to any major record label, even though they knock on my door, is because I’ve seen what other artists have been through from dealing with labels. I don’t want drama and stress; I just want to make music and make people feel good.”

Being independent has allowed Phetla to spread his wings as he has already performed in countries like Botswana and Mozambique where he stunned crowds with his music and ability to mix songs.

He is set to perform in America and the UK, and said some of the gigs had unfortunately been delayed for a while owing to recent attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

Being under-age means that when he goes to some clubs to perform, he is only allowed to go straight to the DJ booth and then get out as soon as his set is over.

“I really don’t mind that because that’s my focus anyway. I just want to get people dancing; I have never been one to go to where the vibe is at. All I want is to take my music to the world because there is nothing I want more.”

The young star dropped out of school in Grade 10 last year when his career took an upward turn.

He said he valued education and would not encourage people to quit school to focus on other careers.

“Education is very important and that’s why I am going to study at a tertiary institution next year to have a back-up and working skills.

“I only left school because it was impossible to manage everything at once, but I am definitely taking myself back to school. Education is a life skill.”

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