TWO people have been arrested in the city for running a mini refugee centre where they allegedly produce illegal asylum papers for Zimbabweans.

The two Zimbabweans, aged 24 and 22, were arrested yesterday when police, acting on a tip-off, found papers and printers used to make the fake documents.

While searching the property, police found fake Zimbabwean driving licences, passports and visas.

Spokeswoman Captain Pinky Tsinyane said police also found papers with government departments’ letterheads.

“We also discovered six printers and two computers, which we believe they use to produce the fraudulent documents. When they were being questioned, they lied to police, saying they were working for the Department of Home Affairs,” said Tsinyane.

It was not clear how the pair managed to get their hands on the letterheads or how many people had been given fraudulent documents, but it was hoped this would be established during the investigations.

The pair are expected to appear in the magistrate’s court soon on fraud charges. – Karabo Seanego