EFF Tshwane councillors stormed into a meeting hosted by mayor Solly Msimanga, demanding him to remove the chief of staff whose qualifications were put into question. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

EFF members in the City of Tshwane on Wednesday stormed into a mayoral committee meeting hosted by mayor Solly Msimanga at Tshwane House, demanding the immediate removal of the chief of staff whose qualifications were in question.

The chief of staff Marietha Aucamp was employed in the office of the mayor in 2016 with an annual salary package of R1.2 million.

The fighters were led by their regional leader Benjamin Disoloane when they disrupted the meeting of MMCs and senior officials.

They banged on the tables and repeatedly shouted: "Marietha must go...Marietha must go...".

It was alleged that Aucamp didn't have a matric qualification and post-matric qualifications.

Disoloane said: "We are saying Marietha must pay back the money with immediate effect. Hiring people without skills will not work under the municipality of the EFF."

He said the all the people who were involved in Aucamp's appointment must face the music. 

Another EFF councillor Moaferika Mabogoane said:"Marietha is not supposed to be in this municipality. Marietha must go and be a cashier at Shoprite and be part of thousands of black sisters and brothers with no qualification. She must be a cashier at a retail store."

EFF Tshwane councillors stormed into a meeting hosted by mayor Solly Msimanga, demanding him to remove the chief of staff whose qualifications were put into question. Video: Rapula Moatshe

According to the fighters, numerous letters were written to Msimanga to inquire about the status of Aucamp's educational background, but were not answered.

Msimanga accused the EFF councillors of playing to the media. "If you want answers like you normally do, you would have written and asked and I would have responded to you. This is why I am asking if this is an issue of playing to the media."

Msimanga then asked for the meeting to be adjourned for 30 minutes to allow the interaction between himself and the EFF councillors.

The meeting continued in the absence of senior officials.

Msimanga later told journalists that Aucamp was put on a special leave.

He said an investigation would be undertaken into the processes that led to Aucamp's appointment.

"If there was a flaw the investigation will tell us what it was," he said.

According to reports, Msimanga was one of the panellists, who inteviewed Aucump.

"If I am to be found in anyway to have flouted any of the rules I will resign from this position as the executive mayor," he said.

Asked about Aucamp's highest qualifications, he said: "I can't even give you that now because it is something that I now have to go to HR and find out from them what was submitted and what is happening."

ANC leader in council Mapiti Matsena said his party was the first to raise the matter regarding Aucamp's appointment immediately after it was announced in 2016.

Aucamp was the former chief whip of the DA during the ANC-led municipality.

Matsena said she was initially appointed as the chief of staff on a contract basis.

"We made an issue at the time and we indicated that her appointment was irregular and that she didn't have the necessary qualifications. We also took the issue to the Public Protector. We were aware that Marieta didn't have those particular qualifications and yet she was appointed," he said.

Matsena said the ANC was vindicated by the recent developments, which exposed Aucamp's shenanigans.

"She does not even have experience as a senior manager. The DA has proclaimed itself as the architect of good governance. When they were campaigning they campaigned on the ticket that they will root out corruption. This is the indication that the DA misled the people of Tshwane," he said.

He said that what Aucamp did was purely a fraudulent activity.

"Her employment must be terminated with immediate effect and she must be made to pay back the money which she drew from the City at the time of her employment," he said.

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