Chief Khoisan SA. Picture: Rudzani Matshili

Pretoria - Khoisan people from across the country are expected to gather at the Union Buildings this weekend to put pressure on the Presidency to adhere to the call of a group currently camping there. 

The small group of Khoisan nationals who have for the past five months camped at the Union Buildings are still standing firm on their mission to get the attention of the Presidency. 

They are demanding to be recognised as the first nation of the country and their languages made official. 

They also want land, in addition to the scrapping of the Land Claims Act, among other things.  

Briefing the media ahead of the gathering their leader Chief Khoisan SA said: “There is going to be a meeting of Khoisan nationals coming together from different provinces because we want to put pressure on the government as a collective group. 

Chief Khoisan SA talks about the nation's troubles. Video: Rudzani Matshili

"We will be discussing issues like the Khoisan Traditional Bill that was rejected by the people but yet the government sees it fit as well as the Khoisan Leadership Bill.”

The chief said they would also be discussing their participation in the elections.

“We will be discussing the election and what our participation will be and who we will be voting for but surely it won’t be the ANC government,” he said.  

In the meantime, Chief Khoisan SA said they were convincing the Khoisan nation from the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and the Western Cape to get on the database of the self-governance declared on January 1.

The group has not met President Cyril Ramaphosa as they had hoped when they arrived in the city in November from Port Elizabeth and Durban.