Mayor Solly Msimanga inspects the City's water connection project in Atteridgeville Extension 19.

Executive mayor Solly Msimanga has expressed disappointment at people illegally occupying land during his visit to Atteridgeville Extension 19.

He was referring to a group of people who had illegally put up shacks adjacent to Extension 19.

He said the illegally occupied land belonged to the Gauteng provincial government.

Msimanga was in the area to conduct an oversight role over the work carried out by the City's Human Settlement Department to provide people with serviced stands.

The serviced stands were empty pieces of land provided by the City to needy communities to enable them to build houses for themselves.

Msimanga said the City only installed water and power connections to the stands.

However, the process to install electricity connections would hopefully be completed by November.

While he hailed the City's efforts to give at least 420 people serviced stands, he was deeply worried about illegal land occupation.

"I am glad that more than 420 families have been given fully functional stands. We want to speed up the issue of housing backlog by giving people serviced stands," Msimanga said.

According to him, more serviced stands had already been granted to people in Phomolong.

"About the illegal occupation of land adjacent to here there are claims that people have bought pieces of land for between R5 000 to R7 000,"he said. 

Msimanga shed light that shack dwellers in the informal settlement had obtained a court interdict against the land owner's intention to evict them.

He said: "We will not tolerate lawlessness. Those that are invading land are making it difficult for our programme of providing fully functional stands."