CEO of McDonalds South Africa, Greg Solomon speaks to TUT students. Picture: Sakhile Ndlazi

CEO of McDonald's South Africa, Greg Solomon spoke to Tshwane University of Technology students during the launch National Student Entrepreneurship Week, this morning.

The charming character, who is a qualified engineer, emphasised to the students, about the power of building a solid base and striking a balance in order to be successful. 

“You have to start somewhere, it’s as simply as that. Then from the little place you’ve started, try to grow it out to the next phase and next phase and so on. Don’t be too overly ambitious and get ahead of yourself. Start with the basics, the base. Make the base strong enough in order to expand,” he told the attentive students.

He advised students to strike a balance between patience and persistence. “Fight and fight hard constantly but don’t rush the rewards,” he said.

C EO of McDonalds South Africa, Greg Solomon speaks to TUT students. Video: Sakhile Ndlazi

He told students that he also applied his engineering skills to business. 

“As an engineer I studied structures. I learnt how to build big and clever buildings. But one thing I learnt was about the pyramids in Egypt. The higher the pyramid the wider and stronger the base. And that principle should apply in business as well. Start strong, and finish high,” he added.

During the rest of the week students will have robust discussions on funding for start-ups, human rights in business, and sustainability during the Faculty of Management Sciences’ second Entrepreneurship Week. 

Students can also look forward to, the “Pitch your Idea”  session with established entrepreneurs, CEO’s and staff from TUT’s newly approved Entrepreneurship Centre who will be on hand to provide feedback and ideas.