Former metro police trainees in Tshwane march to Tshwane House to demand jobs. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

At least 30 former metro police trainees on Wednesday marched to Tshwane House, where they demanded that mayor Solly Msimanga must fulfill his promise to employ them within the City of Tshwane.

They gathered at Burgers Park in the morning before heading to the City's headquarters, where they handed over a memoradum of their grievances.

Marchers, who claimed to represent 186 fellow trainees, were recruited by the previous ANC municipality as part of a crime-busting initiative to make the City safer by deploying at least 10 officers in each municipal ward.

Their contracts with the Tshwane Metro Police Department were terminated however after they failed some of their subjects during training in 2013. 

They were subsequently given a second chance to rewrite their exams and at least 186 of them out of 207 passed.

Former metro police trainees in Tshwane march to Tshwane House to demand jobs.Video: Rapula Moatshe

The recruits had repeatedly expressed disappointments that they were left out in the cold by the City despite that they obtained traffic diplomas. 

As they marched through the CBD, they held up placards with messages accusing Msimanga of making promises.

Marchers said Msimanga sympahthised with them during the 2016 municipal elections campaign and even promised to sort out their problems after he had assumed office.

One of the marchers Lerato Mthelo said Msimanga must refrain from telling them that the ANC municipality messed up everything when it was his time to act.

"We are tired of being in this situation for three years. We can't be employed anywhere else because we are told that we are still employed under the City of Tshwane metro police," she said.