Mayor Solly Msimanga looks at good during the launch of a Women's Market at Tshwane House. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

Pretoria - Mayor Solly Msimanga has called on the public to support the rights of women who are against gender-based violence for 365 days in a year and not only in Women's Month.

He spoke at a women's market that will take place every Friday in August on the Tshwane House lawns in Sisulu Street.

"We ought to make sure that there won't be harm done to our women for 365 days a year. 

"We ought to make sure we empower women throughout the year and not just in August," Msimanga said.

The idea behind the market was to celebrate Women's Month, especially the role of women in society and to empower women traders during Women's Month.

Traders put up stalls on the lawn, where they exhibited a variety of goods such as food, jewellery and clothes.

Mayor Solly Msimanga calls on the public to support the rights of women during the launch of Women's Market at Tshwane House. Video: Rapula Moatshe

The event was hosted under the theme "Empower a woman, empower a nation because women are the stronghold of the nation".

Msimanga said the City intended to celebrate the status of women every day and not once a year in August.

"As the first citizen of the city I want to say that #NotInMyName will a woman be slapped, raped or go missing," he said. 

He also denounced the prevalence of patriachy in sociaety saying: "A woman who says I don't want to be with you anymore, (must not) be forced into a relationship."

He promised that his DA-led administration would do whatever it can to work with law-enforcers in ensuring that the rights of women were protected.

"We will make sure that our social services are also able to cater and assist women who are finding themselves in difficult circumstances.

"As we reflect on what mama Lillian Ngoyi and mama Sophie du Bruin stood for let's ensure we emancipate our women in totality," he said.