Traffic is again backed up at intersections in the Pretoria CBD. Picture: Ntando Makhubu

Pretoria - The Pretoria CBD is gridlocked again today with buses still blocking some major intersections.

The protest seems to have intensified since yesterday as union members who want an 18% salary increase are trying to drive their point home.

Frustrated motorists are using some narrow side streets and others are driving along the pavement to get to their destinations.

Buses are at more intersections than yesterday and the metro cops and pointsmen seem overwhelmed by the task of directing and redirecting the morning flow of commuters.

Madiba Street in the city centre is all but deserted. Video: Ntando Makhubu

Madiba Street where Tshwane House is situated is closed off totally with only a few cars being able to get through the blocked intersections.

Drivers trying to get to there destinations are also being intimidated by protesters.

Es’kia Mphahlele leading into the city along with other major streets such as WF Nkomo, Andries and Pretorius which are usually filled with traffic during rush hour are also devoid of traffic.

Cars are also backed up along Lillian Ngoyi and Thabo Sahume Streets.

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