Residents from Rosslyn marched to the Automotive Supplier Park to demand jobs. Picture: Chelsea Ntuli

Pretoria - Ward 90 residents from Rosslyn have demanded surrounding companies employ young people from the community. 

A group of about a hundred members from the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) took to the streets and marched to Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn.

They delivered a memorandum that stated they want unemployed youth in the community to be employed by the companies at the industrial park.

Regional Chairperson of Sanco Abram Mahishishi said the companies were right next to them yet the people of that community were dying of hunger.

“These companies have what we call corporate social investment, which means they should invest into the community. 

Residents from Rosslyn marched to the Automotive Supplier Park to demand jobs. Video: Chelsea Ntuli

"We have got elderly people in our area whose houses are falling down. 

"What do the factories here do for the people in the community, we want to make sure that their social impact serves people directly,” said Mashishi.

He said they want  60% of the workforce in these companies to be from local communities close to the industrial site and jobs in top management should be considered for them as well. 

The companies that received the memorandum included BMW, Nissan, South African Breweries and Afrit, and they all signed the memorandum and said they will get back to them in due course. 

A representative from the Automotive Industry Development Centre Lawrence Matsebula said they heard and understood their demand very well and it was only fair for them to fight for their rights however they needed to discuss the matter privately and will respond to Sanco soon.

“The companies here are within their environment and I think it is only fair to check whether what we are doing is benefiting the people that live around here,” he said. 

One of the residents said she has been looking for a decent job for many years since she matriculated in 2009. 

She said she has never been considered by the companies although she had applied numerous times. 

Mahishishi said the companies should be able to assist in granting the youth learnerships and internships as it was their duty to do so.

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