Samwu protesters in Madiba Street. Picture: Rapula Moatshe
Samwu protesters in Madiba Street. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

WATCH: Samwu protesters burn dustbins, block intersections in Pretoria CBD

By Rapula Moatshe and Chelsea Ntuli Time of article published Jul 31, 2019

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Pretoria - Tension prevailed in the Pretoria inner-city on Wednesday as protesters affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers Union vented their anger against the City of Tshwane by burning dustbins.

Chaos continued to reign in the capital city on the day the union representatives and the municipality are expected to enter into negotiations over an 18% salary increase at the bargaining council. 

Workers were angered after the City gave pay increments to senior managers, excluding the majority of them.

Buses that had been used to block roads in the past two days have been taken back to the depot. 

Traffic was clear in the morning before the protest started again around 9:30am. 

Samwu protesters in Madiba Street. Video: Ntando Makhubu

Some shops and businesses that were open earlier this morning are now closed.  

The march continues as they wait for feedback from stakeholders that were discussing the matter at the local government bargaining council. 

Demonstrators are marching in groups through different streets, trashing dustbins on the roads and blocking intersections with rocks.

Shops are being closed in the busy Bloed Streets and taxis have ceased to operate.

Police officers and metro police could be spotted amid the tense situation, watching protesters causing chaos.

Hostile protesters earlier on clashed with a taxi driver on the corner of Madiba and Paul Kruger streets.

Protesters burn dustbins in the city centre. Picture: Rapula Moatshe

They threateningly ordered the driver to make a u-turn after they barricaded the intersection with rocks, but he refused.

They were provoked when he threatened to shoot them and warned him that they would pelt him with rocks.  

He eventually gave in and drove back with more protesters confronting him.

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