Traditional healers gather to pray for South Africa. Picture: Rudzani Matshili

A year ago, Angela Prusa,35, from Namibia had a vision to pray for South Africa.

Today she's in the country to participate in a sacred prayer and ceremony, accompanied by the Wixaritari also known as Huichol medicine people from Mexico who heeded the call to also pray for South Africa.

The group of eight from abroad and traditional healers from Mamelodi this morning gathered at Mothong African Heritage Trust on a Mamelodi Mountain, led by Dr Cebisa Mabena to pray against the ills of the country. 

“I had this vision sitting around the fire, dancing with different indigenous people from Southern Africa.

Micaela T'Kaima gives an offering to the land as part of their prayer. Video: Rudzani Matshili


"I just had this urge of making the vision a reality and I felt that the country needs that prayer and needs indigenous people to come together, care and support each other,” she said.

With all the rhino poaching and social ills taking place continuously, she said the prayer was important.

“We wanted to pray for the animals with all the poaching that's happening and also pray for the people and the division.

Traditional healers gather to pray for South Africa. Video: Rudzani Matshili

 Also we are praying for peace on the land and in the soil and water,” Prusa said.

They shared music, poetry and dance.

This she said raised the collective field of the group, while calling on the spirit of the ancestors and the great ones to form part of the unified web.