Constable Landile Zwedala, 38, from the Social Crime Prevention Unit who says he was assaulted at Tambotie Mall in Randfontein. Picture: Vusi Adonis


Video footage of yet another Metro police officer being assaulted has emerged. 

This time, the man seen assaulted in the video by four guys is a Tshwane Metro officer, Constable Landile Zwedala, 38, from the Social Crime Prevention Unit. 

He was assaulted at Tambotie Mall in Randfontein while off duty, buying take-aways with his wife. 

In the video taken by a bystander on November 4, Zwedala is been pinned on the floor by four guys. He's been kicked, punched and dragged across the floor, while bystanders look on. The women taking the video is asking “What is going on?.” A pistol is then taken from Zwedala and thrown aside, while the other men continue to beat him up. One guy is seen  kicking Zwedala in the head before he collapses again. 

Zwedala told the Pretoria News that he was off duty with his wife and buying take-aways at Romans Pizza in Tambotie Mall, when he saw a guy being pinned down of the floor by four men in the parking lot. “I quickly rushed to help, because everybody else was just looking on, including the security guards,” he said.

A video taken at the scene shows Constable Landile Zwedala being assaulted.

He urged the guys to stop and that he was a police officer. “I even told them I have a pistol on me,”he said. The men charged at him and started beating him up. A case of assault has been opened.  

 A visibly horrified Zwedala, with a red eye, told the Pretoria News that both his eyes and the right side of his head were swollen. “I'm still in so much pain, both physically and emotionally,”he said

The culprits have since been arrested and are out on R500 bail and they are due to appear at Randfontein Magistrate's Court on November, 23. 

This comes on the backdrop of a Johannesburg Metro Police Department officer attacked by churchgoers for trying to tow an illegally parked car on the pavement.