Solly Msimanga during a picket at the Department of Defence in Tshwane. Picture: Sakhile Ndlazi

Pretoria - DA's Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimanga said his party was not inciting any xenophobic behaviour when it advocated for the securing of borders by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

He said if anything it showed a sense of leadership and protecting its citizens. 

He was speaking during a picket on Wednesday morning at the Department of Defence in the CBD in Tshwane. 

He was joined by spokesperson on Immigration, Jacques Julius and Member of Parliament Phumzile van Damme. 

They were joined by supporters in their traditional blue regalia.

Solly Msimanga during a picket at the Department of Defence in Tshwane. Video: Sakhile Ndlazi

Last year the SANDF publicly stated that they are under-resourced, under-capacitated and therefore incapable of protecting our borders. 

Msimanga said: "For far too long, the failing ANC has completely disregarded the security of our borders, which in turn also prevents us from controlling illegal immigration or from assisting legitimate refugees and asylum seekers.

"It is time that the SANDF be put to good use, through efficient resourcing". 

"This would help keep our citizens safe from cross-border crimes which are embodied in the form of poachers, drug dealers and human traffickers, whom currently are able to move freely through our porous borders.

“Our plan is deporting those who have illegally entered our country’s borders, harbours and airports, and doing so fairly, efficiently and legally,” he said.

He also added that they will assist asylum seekers and protect refugees and those who have been trafficked across our borders.

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