The Jan Dahn scheme affords modern banking facilities to millions of people in India.
The Jan Dahn scheme affords modern banking facilities to millions of people in India.

What India brings to BRICS club

By Ruchira Kamboj Time of article published Jul 25, 2018

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As we approach BRICS10, it is time to reflect on the various influential initiatives India has undergone. Our country leads with rare success, as powerful statistics exponentially continue to climb and grow.

With the world watching India, our brand seizes global attention, attracting and inspiring not only within our country, but around the world.

In this piece, I look at some of India’s initiatives and thriving successes.

“Made in India” has been an exceptionally powerful programme undertaken to encourage manufacturing and investment in India.

Among the list of its myriad achievements, it has recorded the highest foreign direct investment inflow within India: US$223 billion.

This is undoubtedly a remarkable feat for the country, allowing it to be listed as the most attractive Investment destination globally -and the world’s fastest growing large economy from 2016-2017.

And, besides past successes, it is projected to be contributing $1trillion to India’s GDP by 2022 and $5trillion by 2025.

This exponential growth not only indicates an unparalleled progress, but speaks of a nation crystallising with a conviction for expansion.

The expansion of technology in India has also emboldened us. “Digital India” was one of the first, and most powerful initiatives undertaken by the current government to bring and strengthen connectivity of government services to all parts of India.

High-speed internet, enhanced infrastructure and digital empowerment has led India to reach pole position in mobile data usage in the world, as well as number one in broadband speeds.

India also possesses digital identities for 1billion of its people, a deeply impressive feat given a population of 1.3billion.

Coupled with these current achievements, by 2025, India is projected to have 900million internet users. In addition, by 2025, every seventh global internet user will be an Indian.

Indisputably, the prevalence of technology in India brings our country to a new light, of connectivity and strength.

Furthermore, India’s infrastructure goals have set themselves apart With plans for five industrial corridors, 44 highways of 27000km, 100 new airports, 400 railways to be redeveloped, 175 GigaWatts of renewable energy under the “Sagar Mala” project and a budget of $92billion for 2018/19, India sets itself apart with inspiring objectives to propel its country to new heights.

Additionally, India is on track with the objective of more than 100 smart cities by 2022.

“Skills India” is an initiative to empower citizens in one of the finest ways. It aims to train over 40 crore (400million) people with various skills to equip the Indian population with vital necessities.

The programme, launched only three years ago, has trained over 1.2 crore people, over 480 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras have been announced, as well as India’s partnership with 11 countries in the skills agenda.

Since 2015, 15 engineering and management schools have been set up, over 18000 industrial training institutes as well as the fact that 90million entrepreneurs have been granted loans. By 2022, it is targeted that 300million people will be trained in this programme.

This allows India to expand the number of its citizens with valuable skills, and empower those with potential. It serves as a crucial foundation for powerful development within the country.

Perhaps the one element that has made a significant difference in our quest to be an inclusive society is the Jan Dhan scheme where 300+million bank accounts have been opened in the past three years, providing modern banking facilities to India’s teeming millions.

Through Aadhar, the world’s largest biometric ID system, more than 1.1billion Indians now possess unique identification cards. With the Jan Dhan Aadhaar Mobile Trinity, a network has been created, involving connection with over 1.21billion wireless subscribers.

India’s USP is its enterprising and dynamic youth, which is reflected in the over 20000 Start-ups, the Unicorn Valuation of which is $32bn. Currently, India ranks 3rd globally in terms of number of unicorns created.

In addition, India is the 2nd largest start-up ecosystem, paving the way for innovative success and growth with StartUp India.

With these initiatives, India brings its passion for alliance and process to BRICS, its conviction in rebuilding its country and its initiatives to focus on technologically empowering its citizens.

Bringing its energy with the zeal of, as in the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, not merely in the hope of reform or change, but with the powerful aspiration of building a New India, one which strives for creativity in innovation, efficiency in technology, empowerment via education and skill - a country, reborn.

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