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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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In love with Bridgerton? Here are 7 ways you too can live in a home like the Viscount or Lady Danbury

You don't need mansions and acres of land to live in a Bridgerton-style home.

You don't need mansions and acres of land to live in a Bridgerton-style home.

Published Mar 30, 2022


Durban - Bridgerton season 2 is now airing on Netflix, and after an exhilarating first season its avid viewers are once again being treated to the traditions, lust, and courtship drama that was part of the 1800s.

They are also being blessed with the beauty of the homes of that time, with their greenery-draped exteriors, sweeping lawns, and countryside splendour. It is enough to make anyone wish they too could be living in such opulence.

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But maybe you can – to a certain extent.

Of course, your property may not be a mansion and you may not live on acres of land, but there is no reason why your home cannot be as aesthetically pleasing or carry the noble feel that the homes of Lady Danbury and the Bridgertons do.

The first thing to help you on your way to Bridgerton-style living is to understand the décor of that time period. The series is set in London during the Regency period, and the aesthetic of that time period is referred to as the Regencycore trend.

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1. Embrace vintage

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Vintage decor will help you on your way to living regal.

Décor of this era includes opulent and sophisticated furnishings and finishings, extravagance, and regal charm. If you want to introduce some of this into your residence or boudoir, consider scouring antique stores for vintage furniture, a trend that has been growing anyway over recent years. Decorative elements are carved into furniture or upholstered to highlight personality and glamour.

Furniture was elegant, and often made of dark and heavy wood, such as mahogany and rosewood.

You can also create a display of vintage items and décor on a side table, or dresser to help create the Regency aesthetic in your home.

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2. Choose your colour schemes wisely

Yellow was popular as were hues of green and orange.

Interior styling during the early 19th century made use of rich, deep colours contrasted with layers of lighter colours such as champagne, powder blues and green, and hues of green, yellow, and orange.

Yellow, in many shades, was particularly fashionable, as well as different shades of rose, pale purples, and white.

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3. An eye for certain décor and furnishings

Certain decor will soon have you living like Lady Danbury.

Achieving the Bridgerton aesthetic will also include incorporating decor and furnishings such as:

  • small decorative accents and accessories with carved details
  • metallic gold finishes
  • intricately-designed fireplaces
  • chandeliers
  • caned furniture with carved legs
  • antique mirrors
  • painted or wallpapered ceilings
  • high society bed frames and four poster beds

4. Experience the opulence

Use luxury materials such as velvet and silk and layer these with throw pillows or upholstered stools.

When choosing fabrics to enhance the regal look of your home, look for luxury materials such as velvet and silk. These can be layered with smaller accents like throw pillows or upholstered stools. The Regency stripe was particularly popular.

Woven fabric with patterns and floral motifs are a large part of the classy interiors of the Bridgerton-style home. These elaborate patterns can make bold statements when used as rugs or wall furnishings. You can also make use of wallpaper in floral and other designs to create the effect.

5. Lay your curtaining on thick

The thicker, longer, and heavier the curtains, the better.

Curtains played a significant role in this era, and although their styles may not work well in the more humid parts of South Africa, long, thick, flowing curtains with tiebacks add a more formal feel to rooms. Hang curtains that brush the floor and stretch nearly to the ceiling to make your space feel more impressive.

6. Reorganise your living areas

Carving out separate spaces in your main living area allows for intimate conversations and informal meetings.

Organising your rooms more formally and symmetrically helps recreate the feel of the Regency home as, in those days, different conversations and informal meetings were often held in the same room.

To recreate this concept in your own living spaces, try positioning two couches or two sets of facing with a coffee table or ottoman in the middle. Or carve out a separate sitting area just off of your main lounge area to serve as an intimate spot for conversation.

7. The flora-lined exterior walls

Know which plants and creepers grow well in South Africa.

Before even entering the Bridgerton-style home, the first thing to catch your eye is the beautiful flora that naturally drapes the exterior walls. In this country it is not a common trend – despite being good for both natural heating and cooling of a home interior, making it a good green-living addition – but it is not impossible to achieve.

According to Life is a Garden, creepers and crawlers that work well in South Africa include:

  • Stamina Rose
  • Pink Trumpet Vine
  • Starry Wild Jasmine
  • Flame Creeper
  • Cape Honeysuckle.

To find your next home – and possibly turn it into a home worthy of the Bridgertons’, start here.

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