Saturday Star - Advertising

Advertising Contacts:

To place your Classified Advertisement call the Classified Advertising Call Centre on 0860 238 377 or 0860 115 115

Head of Direct Advertising - Gauteng:
Ronell Buitenbos
Email: [email protected]

Retail Team:

Gauteng Retail Sales Manager:
Antoinette Gilbert
Tel: 011 632-2417
Email: [email protected]

Retail Sales Manager - Pretoria News:
Marla Perumal
Tel: 012 300 2200
Email: [email protected]

Classified Team:

Classified Advertising Manager - Gauteng:
Hafeeza Sirkoth
Tel: 011 633-2568
Email: [email protected]

Line Manager:
Reon Pillay
Tel: 011 633-2737
Email: [email protected]

Readership Stats:

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Advertising Rates 2015:

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