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In this week’s A-Typical interview we feature South African actor and TV personality Sivuyile "Siv" Ngesi. 

Ngesi, a three-time Safta-nominated actor, is regarded as one of the country's most dynamic performers. His diverse talents have seen him making waves in the South African entertainment industry. 

His accolades include being selected as one of Mail and Guardian’s Most influential young South African 2011, one of Destiny Man’s most influential men under the age of 40, You magazines most stylish celebrity, GQ’s top dressed man for 2014, a coveted place in the Cosmo sexiest man calendar 2015, and a place in the IMDB Top 10 best working South African actors overseas.

If you could learn any language fluently what would it be?

I would want to learn the language of success, write a book and make millions (kidding), I have a great love of French, it just sounds sexy as hell and I could break hearts around the world with it, wait ... I mean I could travel around there world using it. ( wee wee)

Which historical figure would you love to see in 21st century life?  

I know he was in the 21st century, but I didn’t meet him in his prime, Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest influences in my life...I would do anything, just to have a boxing training session, selfie and a halal meal with him. we would laugh, talk Kak and I would quote all his speeches and rhymes to him.  Yes, I’m obsessed with the Greatest.  

Second best would be, Shaka Zulu, so I can hear him sing that Boom Boom Boom song and then maybe he could teach us how to defeat the English Pound.

Who would win in a fight, The Rock or Vin Diesel?

The Rock fake fights very well and Vin Diesel has stunt doubles for just tying his shoelaces. Would be an action packed fight, filled with no contact and the winner would be picked by the writers. My money Is on the The Rock

At what age did you realise that Santa wasn't real?  

Wait what?!!! Santa isn’t real?!!! Next thing, you’re gonna tell me, Mufasa dies in “The Lion King”..

I clicked when I was worried Santa wasn’t going to come to the township I lived in, I was 6.

Have you ever cried in a movie? If so, which one?

Lord have mercy, I cry so often in movies, people like to cut unions while I watch... I even cry when I’m inspired by a movie. I cried in Illolipop, A star is born, My girl, My sisters’ keeper, The Greatest showmen ... (just to name a few).

If you could have any feature from an animal what would you want?

I would want to be a Rhino, they get so much attention, kidding, too soon?

If you could choose one celebrity to be the mother of your child who would it be?  

The lucky lady would be, Beyoncé, just to piss off all her fans. 

Were you ever a member of any celebrity fan club? If so, which one?

As a kid, I was a member of the Siv Ngesi Fan club, I was that cocky.

 If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

If you get offended easily, Tsek!

What's the worst show on television at the moment?  

Supergirl is a waste of electricity, with the Eskom Kak happening, we can’t be wasting .

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