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An abduction by a former boyfriend might be behind the deaths of two children who were found blindfolded and bound in a ditch behind the Slovoville cemetery in Soweto.

Last week, the decomposing bodies of a boy and girl, whose ages were estimated to be 10 and 11, were found by a passer-by. Their hands had been tied behind their back.

Police have been trying to identify the children and might have made a breakthrough.

A source linked to the investigation said that a woman had come forward, who told police that she believed they were her children. The mother, said that an ex-boyfriend had abducted them.

Police have taken DNA from the mother and this will later be compared with that of the two children. A post-mortem would be conducted on the children on Monday.

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubele, however, said that two families had come forward. One had come from Gauteng and the other from North West.

“This is a case that will only solved through DNA, and we are appealing to anyone who knows anything to come forward,” Makhubele said.

The bodies, said Makhubele, were so badly decomposed that it was hard to determine what the children were wearing. “We know that one of the children was wearing jeans.”

No cases of missing children were reported at any police stations in the Soweto West cluster and police were now looking to see whether children matching the two have been reported outside of the area.

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