Graphic video images revealed in court, which led to coach's arrest

By Shain Germaner Time of article published Sep 12, 2018

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The grim details of the video footage that led to the apprehension of the Parktown Boys’ High “sex pest” have been laid bare before the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge.

Collan Rex, the 22-year-old former assistant water polo coach at the school, has already pleaded guilty to 144 counts of sexual assault after being accused of molesting at least 23 pupils between 2015 and 2016.

After two weeks of testimony from 17 of the complainants, yesterday State prosecutor Arveena Persad closed her case with one final witness - a teacher and boarding house master who discovered footage of Rex’s abuse, Chris Bossert.

Bossert told the court that in November 2016 he had been approached by one of the pupils in the boarding house who was trying to find a bag of water polo caps that had gone missing.

When the pair went to view the boarding house’s security video, they discovered footage of Rex sexually assaulting a pupil. Bossert said Rex began by placing his legs on the then 14-year-old pupil, then rubbing the pupil’s legs. The footage showed Rex telling the boy something, with the boy leaving and returning in shorts and without a shirt.

Rex then began playing with the boy’s nipples, trying to touch his private parts and eventually moving to kiss him. When the teenager tried to push him away, Rex continued to try put his hand in the child’s pants, eventually succeeding and then taking the 14-year-old into his room, only coming out a few minutes later.

Bossert told the court he immediately contacted the principal, the boy’s parents, the school governing body and the police, and Rex was arrested shortly afterwards.

When Bossert asked the pupil who had asked to see the footage for the missing bag if he was aware of this sort of behaviour, the pupil allegedly told him that Rex had done it to “all of them”. The child said Rex would approach them in the showers at the school and touch their private parts.

On Friday, after Persad closed her case, Robertse told the court he would only be able to start his defence next week, after a full consultation with Rex.

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