Mafikizolo hopes to take home some Samas.

With just two days to go before the South African Music Awards (Samas), the Saturday Star caught up with nominees Mafikizolo and house group Mi Casa to chat about their overwhelming success in the music industry.

Mi Casa and Mafikizolo, no strangers to winning these local awards have been nominated in six categories at this year’s event, leading the nominations for the 2014 awards.

This is what they had to say:


Nominated for Best Pop Album (Reunited), Best Collaboration, Duo or Group of the Year, Album of the Year (Reunited) and two other special awards

1. Congratulations on being nominated for six Samas. Just how excited is the group?

We feel blessed and humbled. This is one of the biggest awards right here at home so it feels great to be recognised and appreciated for the work that we do.

2. Mafikizolo’s comeback release Reunited has been crowned with nods for Best Pop Album, Best Collaboration, Duo or Group of the Year and Album of the Year. What was the secret to success with this release?

We wanted to gain more followers and increase our fan base, that’s why some of our songs are in other African languages.

We wanted our music to be appreciated not just in South Africa, but in the whole of Africa and the response has been amazing.

3. Mafikizolo is no stranger to winning Samas. Does the group fancy its chances at this year’s awards?

Of course, yes. Any artist would want to go home with an award after being nominated, so to take one home would be great.

4. Which South African musician, group or band has impressed Mafikizolo the most this year and is worthy of a Sama ?

Kuli Chana: he is a hard worker and very talented.

Mi Casa

Nominated for Album of the Year (Su Casa), Group of the Year, Best Dance Album (Su Casa), Best Music Video of the Year (Jika), Remix of the Year (Jika), and a special award.

1. Congratulations on being nominated for six Samas. It must feel quite amazing to be among those leading the pack with the most nominations ?

We have been nominated for six and we hope to scoop all six. It’s been great and we are so excited.

It’s an indescribable feeling. We are super excited. It’s a huge relief off our shoulders considering this is our second album.

2. What has been the secret to the success of your album, Su Casa?

Patience, hard work and the support we get from our fans. They have a deep understanding of our music and we are nothing without them and of course I (DJ J-Something) work with very talented guys so that has been the ingredient to our success.

3. Mi Casa picked up three Samas last year. What does it feel like to win a Sama?

We were not expecting it last year. It was an incredible feeling.

4. Which South African musician, group or band has impressed Mi Casa most this year and are worthy of a Sama?

Mafikizolo. We have much respect for them. They are such an inspiration and have done so well through the years.

Saturday Star