Michele Harrison of Kempton Park

Johannesburg - In a week’s time, 18 Hooters Girls from around the country will be competing at Hooters Emperors Palace for the coveted crown of Miss Hooters SA.

This year’s winner of the annual swimsuit pageant will represent South Africa at the Miss Hooters World Pageant in Las Vegas later this year, and will defend the title, which was won by last year’s South African winner, Kirsten Martins.

The Saturday Star caught up with a few Hooters Joburg contestants ahead of the pageant.


Chivonne Brits


Why did you decide to become a Hooters Girl?

I was looking for a part-time job when I was studying my culinary diploma, and my friend told me about the opportunities at Hooters.

What would it mean to you to win?

I would be so humbled and proud if I became Miss Hooters South Africa because I really want to represent the country and what the franchise is about, as well as how wonderful it is to work at Hooters.

Are nice boobs the key to being a great Hooters Girl?

Although having a nice figure is a bonus, there is more to it than that. Being a Hooters Girl means that you are fit, friendly and hard-working. All these qualities should be accompanied by a glamorous smile and a good demeanour at all times.


Meghann Simmons


I decided to become a Hooters Girl as I have always admired how enthusiastic and proud the girls are to work at Hooters.

To win the title Miss Hooters SA would be a great achievement! It would prove that I can do anything I put my mind to.

In my opinion, the stereotypical idea that all Hooters Girls are required to have big boobs in order to be successful is invalid, as a great personality will get a woman much further in life than a great body.


Michele Harrison

(Kempton Park)

As I had just finished high school and was into my first few years of studying at varsity, I needed a part-time job to start earning some of my own money. A friend of a friend suggested waitressing at Hooters, and with some encouraging and a close friend by my side, I went for it.

It would be an amazing privilege and experience to get to represent Hooters South Africa overseas, but I’m not going into the pageant putting too much pressure on myself.

There have been so many jokes about the link between the brand name and how they select employees based on their physical appearance, but there is no truth in that. Being a Hooters Girl is about so much more than your body.


Michelle MacHardy

(Kempton Park)

I decided to become a Hooters Girl because I think there is such a great atmosphere in the restaurants and it is a wonderful environment to work in.

If I were to win the Hooters swimsuit pageant it would mean the world to me. I cannot think of anything that would make me happier. I would love to represent my country abroad.

Saturday Star