007 14-12-2012 Kavitha Nerputh confirming her car’s license disc with BM Mogale from the Sandton licensing department. The Official illegally printed her disc without any paper-work being done because she was in a hurry to attend a Christmas Function. Picture: Tiro Ramatlhatse

Noni Mokati

Seven months pregnant, Kavitha Nerputh was livid when she found the Sandton Licensing and Testing Department was closed – for a year-end function.

“I was turned away at the main gates by rude security guards. I told them that it was illegal for the centre to be closed as it provides an essential service. When I threatened to call the media, I was told to go ahead,” she said.

Nerputh then contacted Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi but got through to his personal assistant, Sophia Yusuf.

Yusuf apparently escalated the matter to the testing centre’s manager, Josephine Nkonyane, who sent an official to assist Nerputh outside the gate.

With a new car licence in hand, the official identified only as BM Mogale exchanged the documents and received R821.40 from Nerputh.

Mogale checked the car’s vin no and walked away, Nerputh said. She returned later saying she had forgotten a copy of Nerputh’s ID before walking off again.

“She didn’t even get my signature,” Nerputh said.

Another motorist, Dudley Wood, tried to have his licence renewed but was allegedly informed by Mogale that he had to call first.

Department of road transport spokesman Octavia Mamabolo said the privately run centre fell under the City of Joburg.

Nkonyane, meanwhile, has denied that the station was completely closed.

She said she and two other officials had been inside processing licence applications.

She added that despite the centre having its year-end function, they were still helping motorists who were inside.

She said Nerputh had signed the papers.

Metro police spokesman chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar said a notice had been put up at the station two weeks ago informing motorists of the function.