30112012 w beeld nuus Lady Gaga on her Born this way Ball World Tour at the Soccer city Stadium Johannesburg Foto:Lerato Maduna/FOTO24

I’m not a Lady Gaga fan. So when I was invited by Samsung to see the Mother Monster live in concert last week Friday, I really had no expectations.

But after her stunning performance, I’d gladly go see her again.

Though I haven’t been converted into a “Little Monster” yet, Friday made me realise why millions of people around the world worship Lady Gaga.

She gave her South African fans a performance second to none. She promised to perform for two whole hours and fulfilled her promise.

In fact, she returned to the stage with an encore and performed three more songs.

Having been to several live concerts in South Africa, I have to admit that the Gaga concert is one of the best I have seen.

The production of the show was amazing, Gaga’s performance was lively and energetic, and the stage was done better than most concerts I’ve seen.

The only concert that I can think of that was as good production- wise as Gaga was the Michael Jackson concert in Joburg many years ago.

Gaga was supported by British glam rock band The Darkness and American musical performer Lady Starlight.

Though I felt The Darkness were amazing and a great opening act for Gaga, Lady Starlight was shocking.

Surely Gaga could have looked locally for someone much better?

After the supporting acts, Gaga took an hour and a half before she appeared on stage. No one seemed to be bothered at all, though.

When the pop star did appear, she did so in true Gaga fashion, climbing out of a blown-up plastic vagina. No one seemed to be shocked by her entrance – I guess that’s just the way Gaga rolls.

She started off by singing Highway Unicorn from her album Born This Way. The crowd loved it.

She went on to sing several of her other hits, such as Poker Face and Just Dance.

I must admit I found myself off my seat quite a few times applauding Gaga’s performances.

In-between her songs, Gaga spoke to her fans about how much she appreciated them and how she was so happy to be in South Africa.

She constantly spoke about her love for Joburg and got roars of approval from the crowd.

She used the F-word often and it seemed to hype up the crowd every time.

Aside from her performance, Lady Gaga looked like she’d brought her entire wardrobe. For each song, the five-time Grammy winner changed her outfit.

I’ve never seen a person wear such crazy and outrageous outfits, but big ups to her for pulling it off.

Gaga’s performances were also very sexual.

In one song, the pop star pretends to receive oral sex from one of her dancers.

She also danced around poles and bent over several times to show the crowd her G-string.

She just had so much energy.

She even showed the crowd that she could do a thing or two on the guitar and played the electric guitar beautifully.

Gaga responded to the haters in South Africa who didn’t want her in the country, saying she didn’t give a f*** what others thought.

It was met with a huge cheer.

Overall I found Gaga’s concert to be one of the most entertaining I’ve seen in my life.

Her energy and vibrance did it for me, and her wild antics on stage were weirdly refreshing.

I woke up the next day and downloaded a few Gaga tracks…

She ain’t half bad.