A glimpse at how local celebrities dressed up to celebrate Valentine's Day

Thuli P. Picture: Social Media

Thuli P. Picture: Social Media

Published Feb 17, 2024


The month of love is filled with exciting activities such as candlelight dinners, surprise proposals, getaways, and surprises.

Over the years, people have elevated the celebrations with elegant photo shoots, including well-known celebrities.

We caught a glimpse of several local favourites who went all out to celebrate the month of love in red.

Thuli P

An actress turned DJ is known for serving at special events, and this month was no exception, as she drew the attention of her admirers, many of whom complimented her beauty. She shared pictures of her photo shoot, where she posed in a gorgeous crimson ensemble.


Other than her beautiful music and the way she dresses, her name has never been associated with anything dramatic. Just as she dazzled on Christmas Day, this month she has enlisted her name among those who marked the special month.

Anele Mdoda

Not long ago, Mdoda recently gave her admirers something interesting to discuss when she appeared at the Grammys in the US with an eye-catching and glittering ensemble. And she has joined scores of others in making this month unforgettable with a simple yet elegant look, topped with cake, and wishing her followers a happy Valentine's Day.


The musician posted pictures and captioned them, 'Purple Valentine's looking regal in her attire. While many painted social media red, Berita came out with a different yet stunning look.

Nonku Williams

Williams has added her name to the list of well-known stars who went all out to celebrate Valentine’s Day by showcasing her beauty in white.

Shauwn Mkhize fondly known as Mamkhize

Known to mark all special occasions, Mamkhize dressed up in fairytale-looking pink garments. Sharing the picture on social media she said,“ Love has a wondrous way of lifting us to new heights, allowing us to soar above the ordinary and revel in the extraordinary. On this day of love, let's celebrate the power of this magnificent force. Happy Valentine's Day to all the hearts that embrace this soaring, elevating love.”

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