AKA honoured with an art and merchandising exhibition at the Mall of Africa

Rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes was gunned down on Durban’s popular Florida Road on Friday Picture: AKA’ s Instagram page

Rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes was gunned down on Durban’s popular Florida Road on Friday Picture: AKA’ s Instagram page

Published Jan 13, 2024


The Kiernan Forbes Foundation and the family of the late rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes have established a special partnership with Bravado, a major music merchandise company, in memory of the late rapper.

The news was made on AKA's Instagram account where his father, Tony Forbes, also disclosed that they are collaborating on items with the well-known local brand Galxboy.

In honour of Kiernan's coming birthday, SOOK Mall of Africa will host a pop-up art and retail show from January 26 to 28.

“The Kiernan Forbes Foundation and Bravado, the world's leading music merchandise company, are proud to announce a special collaboration to honour the late and legendary Kiernan Forbes (AKA). The collaboration also provides an opportunity for emerging South African artists to showcase their talent and brings an unparalleled experience for AKA's fans to enjoy.”

“As part of Kiernan's upcoming birthday celebrations, from January 26th to 28th, a pop-up art and merchandise exhibition will take place at SOOK Mall of Africa, featuring exclusive artwork and merchandise paying tribute to AKA. This limited-time showcase offers a unique opportunity for the public to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces,” the post said.

It is explained that the Kiernan Forbes Foundation aims to make meaningful and empowering contributions to society to build upon the legacy that Kiernan Jarryd Forbes left behind.

In particular, the foundation also intends to use its platform to develop young South Africans within the music industry and broader art world.

The SOOK Mall of Africa exhibition represents the first project that the foundation is undertaking. Apart from the exposure during the exhibition to showcase their art, the contributing artists will benefit directly with 90% of all proceeds going to them, with the remaining 10% going to the Kairo Forbes Trust.

In another groundbreaking partnership with the Forbes family, AKA merchandise will be available in major retail stores across Southern Africa over the coming years, bringing AKA closer to the Megacy fanbase like never before.

This initiative aims to etch the rapper’s legacy into the fabric of South African music, fashion and entertainment culture.

February will mark a year since the passing of the rapper, and many of his followers will continue to remember him and the impact he made in the world of music.

In December, Police Minister Bheki Cele discussed the most recent update, which included some key evidence that shed light on the rapper's death after being shot.

During a Metro FM interview, Cele disclosed that the defendants in the case were the rapper's close friends.

“That is based on the guide and the oversight of the provincial commissioner. He has given the report that we have found the gateway car and the gun. They have found two people, and I know for sure that those people have been kept safe because they know very well what happened on that particular day. We know who we are chasing. And those two are kept safe because they know what happened, even beyond that day," said Cele.

In March, he also indicated that, although working at a slower rate than predicted by the country, they will crack the case, citing progress after a collection of cellphones.

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