ANC NEC divided over GNU proposal

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers the closing address of the special sitting of the party's NEC meeting in Boksburg. | Kamogelo Moichela IOL

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers the closing address of the special sitting of the party's NEC meeting in Boksburg. | Kamogelo Moichela IOL

Published Jun 7, 2024


Talk of a government of national unity (GNU) has irked some ANC senior members in the movement.

A senior member told Independent Media on Friday that he was not in support of a GNU.

“When the people have always said the ANC sold out in the negotiations, we are always told that at that time we really had no leverage to out-negotiate the apartheid government and its machinery.

“We were handed a Parliament without power. For the National Party had moved power to the Constitution and their judiciary. We became a constitutional democracy,

“History is not only going to be harsh to the African National Congress, our people in the next two years will emphatically see to it that they bury the ANC,” a senior member said.

He said it became very clear that there were forces other than the founding principles of the revolution at play, adding that the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) project has been abandoned.

“The meteoric rise of the DA in these elections was clearly orchestrated to position it to have a bigger voice in this set-up. We, the, people should reject that. I reject that!

“The DA is opposed to everything we stand for, how then does it form the centre of the so-called GNU? I mean, we need just over 10% mandate from other parties. Why bend over for the DA unless, of course, we are selling out once again,” said the senior member.

On Thursday evening, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the party would opt for a government of national unity, as opposed to coalition government.

Ramaphosa said as the organisation, they would be open-minded and work with every party for the sake and interest of the country. “We will not preclude the possibility of working with any party, so long as it is in the public interest.

“A government of national unity is the most viable, most effective and most powerful way of meeting the expectations of all South Africans at this moment.

“There is a need for a national dialogue which brings together all parties, all social partners and all sections of society to seek consensus on the actions required to take the country forward,” Ramaphosa said.

Some members of the party who were against the ANC, DA partnership staged a protest outside BirchWood Hotel in Johannesburg, where the party held its special national executive committee (NEC) meeting.

Former ANC president Jacob Zuma’s daughter Thuthukile said the DA was not on the same page as the ANC, and were opposing the party’s progressive policies.

“They don’t believe in all our (ANC) transformative legislative and policies, and they do everything in their power, as we have seen in the past 30 years, to undermine the project of transformation, such as issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality,” she added.

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