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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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#aTypical Interview: Marlee van der Merwe is disappointed by how few South Africans have voted

Marlee van der Merwe. Supplied image.

Marlee van der Merwe. Supplied image.

Published Nov 7, 2021


Johannesburg - This week we feature South African singer, actress, dancer, songwriter and fine artist Marlee van der Merwe.

She is well known for her starring role as Alexia Kriel in the kykNET musical youth drama series Sterlopers.

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She’s also known for her roles in the movies Mignon Mossie Van Wyk (2016), Pretville (2012) and Bloedboers (2015).

Marlee has featured in various musicals, playing the role of Fastrada in the musical production of Pippin, directed by Johann Swart.

She was also part of the cast of the musical classic Showboat, which toured to Europe several times and also played in South Africa.

Apart from musicals, she’s performed at the Performer theatre, Pretoria, in the production Born in the RSA as a front-liner, and then moved on to the Barnyard Circuit in the production Celtic Rock as a singer and dancer.

She also played a lead comedy role, Swaan, in Vere, an Afrikaans musical, and performed in Girl Talk 007 at the Sound Stage supper theatre until end 2007 then moved on to Creative Entertainment's The Full Monty - The Broadway Musical.

Marlee van der Merwe. Supplied image.

As a kid, what was the first song you learnt all the lyrics to?

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Gangster’s Paradise

You are able to collaborate with any SA musician on a song. Who do you choose?

Black Coffee! Anything he touches turns into gold, baby!

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Spend a day learning from Robert de Niro or Morgan Freeman. Who do you choose?

I would choose Robert De Niro. Just to listen to his accent. Also I would try and get him worked up about something so I can laugh at his wonderful facial expressions!

You need to pick one childhood game to play to save your life (aka Squid Game). Which game do you choose to play?

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Red light Green light.

Marlee van der Merwe. Supplied image.

The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is ....?

A carrot and pineapple salad. It reminds me of Christmas as a child.

The one thing that most people don't know about Marlee van der Merwe is?

I write and produce music.

You are stuck in an elevator with President Cyril Ramaphosa. What's the first thing you ask him?

Have you found your iPad?

Your favourite item of clothing in your closet currently is?

My baseball cap. I am growing my hair and it is at that irritating stage where I can’t tie it back yet. I just slap on a cap and go!

Marlee van der Merwe. Supplied image.

You are able to invite any three people (dead or alive) to your fantasy dinner party. Which three people would you invite?

My husband, Frans and my two boys! They are the best company! I don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything I’m not. Also, my kids and us talk and dream about wild adventures still to be taken! I love my time with them!

What is the one thing that has caught your attention in the news in the past week?

That only around 27% of South Africans voted. This is such a blow to our democracy.

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