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Friday, August 12, 2022

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#aTypicalInterview: Indian actress and model Anchal Singh on her dream of visiting Egypt

Indian actress and model Anchal Singh. Supplied image.

Indian actress and model Anchal Singh. Supplied image.

Published Mar 27, 2022


Johannesburg - This week, we feature Indian actress and model Anchal Singh.

The actress, originally from Chandigarh, in India, is best known for her leading role in Netflix hit thriller series Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein. Singh plays the role of Purva, an obsessed lover and sinister daughter of a menacing politician.

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Singh is also well known for starring in hit Indian movies Dhilluku Dhuddu, Zakhmi, and Sri Siddhartha Gautama.

She has also worked in more than 300 television commercials in her career, both nationally and internationally, for prestigious brands like Asian Pants, Dabur Fem Bleach, Ponds, Garnier, Vivel, Malabar Gold, Jos Alukkas, Hyundai, to name a few.

She was also on the Femina's Cover page and has been part of many print campaigns for brands like Coke, Pepsi, Amway, Lays, Horlicks and many more.

Indian actress and model Anchal Singh. Supplied image.

You are able to star alongside any actor in a hit Bollywood movie. Who do you choose to star with?

Honestly, there are so many Bollywood actors that I am a big fan of because of their work, dedication, and professionalism, but if I had to choose just one, it would have to be Vicky Kaushal because of the choice of movies he does and the kind of creativity he gets into in his roles. He comes across as a very humble and honest person, so I think I would learn so much from him.

The best role you have played in your acting career so far is ...?

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It definitely has to be Purva from Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, which is being aired on Netflix right now. There are a couple of reasons. The kind of character, the kind of mischief, the kind of innocence, the kind of intellect, the focus that woman has is so amazing and so liberating to play because on screen in general, whatever women roles we have seen on screen are very timid or very strong, so to associate myself with a role which has so much to her, so many qualities, so many layers, and dimensions is a beautiful portrayal and has definitely upped my career.

What is your favourite clothing item in your closet currently?

Wow, you ask this question to a woman. It's a difficult one! There are just so many of them. I just came back from a holiday from Goa, and every day I was wearing those strappy dresses, which are so easy going and free-flowing, so I would say those dresses are my favourite currently. It takes five minutes to get ready and leave, haha!

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What is the biggest misconception people have of Anchal Singh?

This is one question that I really want to answer right now because lately, people have been telling me that, wow, you are an overnight success with the Netflix series. The thing is, I have been in the industry for the past seven years now. I have worked in foreign commercials. Whether it's jewellery brands, car brands, soap brands, I’ve done it all. I have worked alongside the likes of Ranveer Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka, and Hrithik Roshan in commercials.

After doing all that, I have been doing a Punjab film, I have done a South film, I've done an international film. After a lot of work experience, a lot of exposure, a lot of learning, I’ve come to this place, and I'm just so happy today people look at me and give me some love and validation, but I just wish people knew this didn’t happen overnight. I worked really hard to get here. It's been a long journey.

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Tell us about the worst date you've been on ...?

I don’t really remember a specific worst date, but I will say that a date that is very prim and proper, like cliché dates, scare me. The formal dinner date is not my thing. I can't do that. I'm an adventurous person. I like to have fun on a date, like a walk in the park, doing an adventure sport, watching a theatre show together, going to a musical or a concert. Something out of the box, where the two of you can get to know each other well.

Indian actress and model Anchal Singh. Supplied image.

What is the one thing that has caught your attention on social media recently?

I have to really applaud social media for the way it has connected to one and all. There is this Women's Day celebration going on, and I just love the way women all over the world are using social media as a platform to voice their perceptions, to voice their opinions, to show their vulnerability and their flaws, and without fearing whether they will be accepted.

Your definition of love is...?

I think, lately, I've come to understand that love, whether it's with your family between friends, or people you care for, what makes it special from the rest is if you can learn to share your silences with some people. For example, when you are in a room with somebody, you don’t need to talk to, there is no need to converse, your silence will speak volumes, and the other person will understand you. So basically cutting off the awkward silences, so for me, that is the definition of love. There is also other cliché stuff like someone who can make you laugh, someone you can enjoy a good meal with, with whom you can share your insecurities and happiness with.

You are able to shoot a movie in any location around the world, which location do you choose?

One place that really intrigues me is Egypt. I read so much about Egyptian culture and the pyramids. There is so much mystery that attracts me. I want to go to Cairo, and also do a Nile cruise. Another place on my mind is Iceland. One of my friends visited there recently, and I saw the pictures, and they were gorgeous, so I would love to shoot there. Italy has also always intrigued me.

The three best shows on Netflix that everyone should be watching are...?

One has to be my show, Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, please. I’m not saying this because I act in it, but its work that I am really proud of. It’s an out and out entertainment drama thriller and its absolutely a fun series to watch. I also want to start watching Fame Game. I total adore Madhuri Dixit, so that has to be one. And the third one, I would have to say the psychological thriller, You. I binged watched it. It’s just so good.

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