#aTypicalInterview: Lazola Gola on being creative during the lockdown

By SAMEER NAIK Time of article published Jun 23, 2020

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Comedian, writer and performer Lazola Gola has performed in a number of shows including the YFM Comedy Showdown in 2007, which he won, the Loyiso Gola For President Final Run comedy show, the Ha Ha Wits Comedy Festival, the Tshwane Comedy Festival, Rocking The Daisies Music Festival and the PechaKucha Festival in Cape Town.

Gola has also featured in local movies Hatchet Hour, and Wonder Boy for President.

What’s grabbed your attention on social media in the past week?

#DontLeaveMeChallenge #BeethovenWasBlack was pretty funny. Just really goofy videos and memes. I spent hours watching these (ashamed!)

What do you miss most about life prior to lockdown?

Stand-up comedy. I miss connecting with complete strangers through a story, a common insight or lived experience. It’s an exchange that can’t be replicated.

Have you attempted to cut your own hair during lockdown?

I haven’t attempted to cut my hair. But, if you’ve seen my hair, you wouldn’t really know even if I did.

What is the best, most creative dish you have cooked during lockdown?

I cooked umphokoqo. I actually started craving it when I saw Khaya Dlanga post about it on social media and bumped into him at the shop when I was buying supplies. It was a sign. I had my mother on video call throughout the whole process. I felt like she was the emergency response operator helping me deliver a baby.

You are able to go on holiday to any destination in the world with any one person you choose once lockdown is over. Where do you choose to go and with whom?

The only place I want to go to is back to the year 2019-2020 has most definitely lived up to its name!

You are on a Skype call with US president Donald Trump. What is the first thing you tell him?

“Can you hear me?... And now?... and now?... and...”

You are elected president of South Africa. What is the first problem you address?

The problem I would fix is how a comedian who wasn’t running became an elected official. I’ll probably CC the IEC in that mail too.

How are you keeping yourself entertained on weekends during lockdown?

My week and weekend are pretty much spent the same way, confused on what day it is. I will only know it’s a Saturday when I see this interview. But typically, most days are spent on my phone, pre-production for a shoot, TV, writing, TV, PS4, and eating in front of the TV.

The ban on cigarette sales during lockdown is a good or bad thing?

It’s a horrible thing for me, personally. I smoke to alleviate stress (I know, I’m an addict!) If there’s ever a time I would need a smoke, it would be during a global pandemic.

Your top three series on Netflix include?

Formula 1: Drive To Survive, Master Of None, Top Boy.

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