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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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#aTypicalInterview: Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe on her disastrous and expensive Parkhurst date

Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe. Supplied image.

Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe. Supplied image.

Published Mar 20, 2022


Johannesburg - This week we feature vocalist, dancer, actress, MC and creative entrepreneur Kanyi Nokwe.

Nokwe announced herself as a musician in 2019 when she released her debut single “Brand New”.

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The pop singer wrote the song in 2015 on a cold winter’s night while working in a shack in Daveyton that was turned into a recording studio.

Nokwe also owns an entertainment company, Nokween Entertainment, and is a personal trainer.

As an actress, Nokwe portrayed the role of music icon Dorothy Masuku in the tribute musical “Divas Of Kofifi” (2017), directed by Princess Mhlongo.

She also starred as the title lead of Janice Honeyman’s “Pinocchio” pantomime (2017) at the Joburg Theatre, earning her a Naledi Award nomination for newcomer/breakthrough artist of 2018.

She also stars in hit Netflix TV series “Tjovitjo”, where she plays the role of Diphaphang, a reverend's daughter.

Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe. Supplied image.

The one that thing has caught your attention on social media in the last week is …?

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The number of young people taking their lives due to mental illness. Mental health is the real pandemic in this country. Something our government takes far too lightly.

Your favourite item of clothing in your closet is …?

My shoes. I believe your shoes set the precedent as you step into a room. Your scent leaves a lasting impression.

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The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is …?

Mphokoqo. It's the one meal I would share with my mom in a bowl or straight out of the pot. I'm lactose intolerant now so I treasure those memories.

You are able to collaborate with any South African musician on a song. Who do you choose?

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Manana. He is so soulful. I believe he may be one of the greatest writer/composers that we have in this country. He writes from an honest place, I respect and appreciate that.

Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe. Supplied image.

Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on.

OMG!!! he took me out to some fancy spot in Parkhurst. Upon arrival, he ordered the most expensive bottles of wine and the largest meals. At the end of the date, when it was time to pay, all of his cards were declined and I ended up paying a heavy bill. I was good for it, thank God. After that date, I made a rule that I would never go on a date I couldn't pay for should the need arise. I should at least be able to foot my bill.

You are stuck in a lift with President Cyril Ramaphosa. What's the first thing you ask him?

Are any of your friends’ sons single? Wanna hook me up? I'm an investment.

The biggest misconception people have of you is …?

That I am an extrovert. I'm not. I'm an introvert, a loner and a homebody.

You are able to spend a day with any musician in the world learning his or her trade. Who do you choose to spend the day with?

Caiphus Semenya. He is the ultimate composer and songwriter. A hopeless romantic and a global music icon. I pray I create music that is as timeless as his.

Musician and actress Kanyi Nokwe. Supplied image.

Your favourite restaurant in the country is …? And what do you order?

Flames at The Westcliff Four Seasons Hotel. I order Lamb chops and a margarita. Yum!

The Netflix series everyone should be watching is …?

“Tjovitjo”. Because I act in it as Diphaphang , the reverend’s daughter. A young vocalist with a hunger for fame. And if not that, then “Jeen-yuhs”. We could all use Donda West's pearls of wisdom and encouragement.

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