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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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#aTypicalInterview: Musician Anna Wolf on why she would love to collaborate with SA singer Nataniel

South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf. Supplied image.

South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf. Supplied image.

Published Aug 1, 2021


Johannesburg -This week we feature South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf.

Born in Pretoria, she signed her first record deal at a very young age, and released her 2013 debut album, The Dark Horse, under the moniker, Tailor.

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The album was nominated twice at the SAMAs (South African Music Awards).

She received another SAMA nomination in 2015 for her second album, Light, as well as one in 2016 for her third album, Trust Pt. 1.

Trust Pt. 1 was made with producer Zak Loy (member of the multi-platinum American band LIVE) in Austin, Texas at the infamous Orb Recording Studio.

She collaborated on this album with various musicians ranging from bassist, Ainar Peterson (Kelly Clarkson) to drummer, Antoun Ramy (Seal, Black Eyed Peas) among others.

In 2017, she opened for Johnny Clegg on his final tour, playing to sold-out audiences in South Africa and London’s iconic Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith.

In 2018, she went out on her own, playing a sold-out South Africa tour with demand increasing in the UK and Europe.

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Around this time, she decided to follow her heart to London, officially becoming Anna Wolf, where her talent as a songwriter and performer was recognised by renowned producer and remixer, Pete Boxsta Martin (Sugababes, Jessie J, DJ Marshmello).

In 2019, Unsigned Only announced Anna Wolf as the Grand Prize Winner for her track, Believer in Nashville Tennessee.

For the first time in Unsigned Only’s history, the grand prize was awarded to a South African artist.

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This weekend, Wolf will release her new EP, Romance Was Born, which is a 5-track release that will be available on all streaming platforms from the 30th.

The second single on the EP, Can I Get High On You, along with its music video will also be released officially on the same day.

South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf

What was the first song you learnt all the lyrics to?

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What is Love? by Hadaway.

I am a 1980s kid, so the simplistic beat and easy singing melody was captivating.

Even though I was super young when the track got released, the old soul in me could relate to it.

Full volume in my Walkman, I would walk around my room singing as if I was in my own music video.

No matter how cheesy the beat, music has always given me the freedom to escape.

You can collaborate with any South African musician on a track. Which SA musician do you choose?

The one and only, Nataniel.

Nataniel just gets it. The art. The stillness. The noise.

It’s hard to come across musicians who have more than just talent.

The best and worst thing about living in London is… ?

I used to separate the two quite often.

In the first two years of living in London, I either hated things or I loved things.

These days, however, I am neither here nor there, which is the best place to be positioned in the mind.

Whatever I hate will just become more of, so I prefer to steer my attention to the now.

South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf. Supplied image.

Who has the better food, South Africa or the UK?

Traditional South African meals are wholesome and beautiful and whilst the UK is similar, my childhood memories lie deep within my moms cooking.

In short, I love SA food!

If Anna Wolf wasn't a musician, what would she be?

A wolf.

Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on?

Not answering this one....:(

If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Nothing. Everything in life is exactly how it should be. Nothing is random.

Your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe is… ?

Every single piece of active wear. I spend so much time in the gym that I basically live in my activewear.

What is the one thing that has captured your attention on social media in the past week?

The reminder that we are all in this together.

South African born, London-based musician Anna Wolf

If you could spend the day with any musician learning from him/her, who would you choose to spend the day with and why?

I won’t choose a musician as I am surrounded by one 24/7.

I would, however, like to spend the day with Fran Lebowitz even though she isn’t a musician.

Fran is interesting and has a lot of knowledge on the world.

She is a pseudo intellectual and has great energy.

I am also in love with New York, so I would be super pleased if I can walk the streets of Manhattan just listening to her sarcastic and well informed opinions on why they’ve managed to knock down another historic building.

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