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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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#aTypicalInterview: Musician Zinah on her love for oxtail and idombolo

Zinah features in this week’s edition of #aTypicalInterview. Supplied image.

Zinah features in this week’s edition of #aTypicalInterview. Supplied image.

Published Jul 11, 2021


Johannesburg - This week we feature South African singer, presenter and songwriter Zinah Msimang.

The Durban-born singer and songwriter released her first independent single called Fever in 2018, a disco-inspired song that speaks on the intoxicating feeling of finding new love.

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Zinah followed up her debut single with another independent release called Ever Been in 2019.

She then caught the attention of a major record company, David Gresham Records and signed with the label this year.

The singer dropped her first single, Good, under the David Gresham Records umbrella on May 7 this year.

The single has been well received, making it to the top ten on the Jacaranda FM “Local Top 20”.

Zinah features in this week’s edition of #aTypicalInterview. Supplied image.

Q: How would you sum up life as a musician during lockdown?

A: Besides having a “normal” job, lockdown as a musician consists of coming up with melodies, singing in the shower, writing the same song three times over to try and get a different result and imaging what it would be like performing that song and what the music video would look like.

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Q: You can collaborate on a song with any artist in the world. Who do you choose?

A: Doja Cat, Beyonce and Victoria Monet. I cannot choose one. All these women own their brand and their voices. I love Doja for her genius melodies songs and how she’s totally herself; Beyonce because of her hard work, she just knows what she wants and how she wants it and Victoria Monet because she writes magic, a lyrical genius!

Q: The biggest misconception people have of you is....?

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A: People think I “have it together”, like I’ve figured it all out for myself and I have a plan A up to Z for everything. I’m a huge ball of emotions and most of the time I’m figuring it out as I go. I’m literally living the “fake it till you make it” thing.

Q: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: Instagram, because I can see a lot of growth in my followers and I get to interact with “fans” and be able to see what type of people like my music.

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Q: The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is....?

A: My mother is an incredible cook and in winter she would make oxtail and idombolo, the best thing on planet earth. My cousins loved it as well, it just reminds me of family and great times.

Q: Growing up, which was the first artist you looked up to?

A: Tamia! When I was four, her album, A Nu Day, came out and my mother bought the CD. I learnt all of those songs word for word and still know them today!

Q: Your favourite item of clothing in your closet is...?

A: My hoodie that says “London” on it. I bought it while I was in the UK touring with the Whitney Houston Tribute Show, it just has a great memory attached to it.

Q: Your celebrity crush is....?

A: Shawn Mendes, cutie pie from heaven!

Musician Zinah Msimang. Supplied image.

Q: Your fondest memory as a child was....?

A: My dad always played the best music, so when we would drive to Durban to see my Gran the music he played would put me to sleep. My family is my world and I appreciate every moment I get with them, always.

Q: You are elected the president of South Africa, what is your first order of business?

A: Eradicate poverty!

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